Bridgestone "e5+" "e6+" "e7+" golf balls

Bridgestone "e5+" "e6+" "e7+" golf balls
Bridgestone "e5+" "e6+" "e7+" golf balls
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Product Description

Customize Your Distance To Maximize Distance Performance for your swing, you need to choose the right ball. The new scientifically engineered e+ Series allows players to choose the ball that optimizes the trajectory and distance of their tee shots, while providing soft feel and control around the green.

Bridgestone e5+ features:

The new e5+ provides superior performance with longer carry distance and Tour caliber spin with its advanced Urethane cover construction and explosive large core. Features: * Tour Caliber Urethane Cover
* Large Gradational Compression Energy Core
* 330 Seamless Dimple Design

Bridgestone’s new e6+ is for intermediate skilled players who tend to slice or hook the ball.

Bridgestone e6+ features:

* Low compression 3-piece Surlyn® cover constructio
* New soft kinetic energy core
* 330 seamless double dimple design

Bridgestone e7+

e7+ - Designed for players that have a high to medium ball flight and need a more penetrating trajectory for increased distance.

The e7+ Multi-Layer high speed performance design is engineered for players who have a medium to high trajectory and are seeking longer distance The powerful three piece construction provides a solid feel with a piercing trajectory even in windy conditions Patented 330 dimple design with Seamless Cover Technology™ for Tour Proven Pin Point Accuracy and Consistency

12 golf balls/box